MBC has Summer Nights Team Circuit which takes place during the hours of 6:00pm to 1:00am. This circuit has 5 tournaments, with no throw outs and No membership fees and No Late Fees and pays 1 in 5 Boats, 80% payback at lake.

We feature the following:

  • Drive-thru Weigh-in
  • First weigh-in is @ 1:00am, 15 boat flights
  • Start numbers are given on a first come, first served basis
  • Pre-register by mail for early draw number
  • We provide coffee before and lunch after the tournament.
Tournament Rule Highlights
  • All Marinas are off limits.
  • Pre-Fishing Off-Limits: 6:00am Saturday Morning of tournament.
  • 5 Fish Limit.
  • Big Fish breaks ties.
  • 13 inches and over, mouth closed, tail pinched on Golden Rule.
  • Dead Fish = 1.0 lb Penalty.
  • No Live Bait or Trolling.
  • Life Vest On When Big Motor Is On & In Gear.
  • No Alcohol During Tournament.
  • Boat Must Have Working Livewell & Kill Switch.
  • Live Well Check Before Start Of Tournament.
  • Must have 2 bags of ice minimum