About Us

Monterey Bass Company (MBC) tournaments started in 1998 and are competitive Bass fishing events that are open to all anglers. MBC is currently running two team circuits which are: Teams & Summer Nights.

Each of the formats are fishing for their best 5 Bass limit of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. All anglers must fish from a boat with a maximum of two people per boat. Each boat must be equipped with an aerated livewell (a large ice chest with a battery powered aerator may do, call for details). Artificial lures only are to be used which means NO live bait of any kind and trolling is NOT allowed.

During tournament hours all boating laws and Arizona Game and Fish regulations are to be followed and may be enforced by Law Enforcement or Arizona Game and Fish officers.

During the weigh-in time each team brings in their fish using a weigh bag with water, the Bass are weighed and released. MBC also provides a lunch for all the anglers that participated in the tournament. Upon completion of the weigh-in drawings and giveaways take place and the awards are presented! A reward for the Angler of the Year award is given each year at the championship tournament held in the fall after the season ends.

If all of this sounds like fun to you, give us a call. We have events scheduled almost every weekend from September through May. Call your fishing buddies and start planning to fish MBC tournaments.

MBC would enjoy having you be a part of these exciting events! If you have any questions call Paul (602) 320-4399 or see the complete tournament schedule and meet us at the lake.